Make Games Great Again

This is where I, the mighty Cheb, shall create a game to master them all. To return the spirit and glory of the 90's when the grass was greener (and I din't have the beer belly).

Originally, I was planning to create a killer of TES III: Morrowind but the competition cowardly fled into the mists of time. Bah. No matter. I will push forward!


In progress, preparing to release my Rotating Cube #21.


I took it down: too stale to represent anything. Wait for a further notice.

Killer features

Planned Multiplayer based on lockstep-in-the-past with full-world lag compensation via layered physics: allow for MMO-level numbers of players, also epic floods and epic scale destruction with zero impact on network bandwidth.

Implemented Instant recompile. Allows changing native code without re-loading any resources and restarting the engine, thus boosting ease of development immensely.

40% Epic scalability: actually intended to run at 60 fps on Raspberry Pi 2 or Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz with a matching video card, while able to strain a modern system for a marginal image quality boost.

Key features

Implemented MPL 2.0 allowing to merge it with any code, or incorporate into projects under GPL/LGPL.

Implemented Rapid game saving. Estimated time is 50 milliseconds or less on modern hardware. Allows for auto-saving every minute without noticeable impact.

Implemented Full backward compatibility of old saves (automatic data format conversion).

05% Sleepy predict-ahead physics: clever hacks and optimizations making the physics extremely cache-friendly and extraordinarily light-weight, to allow 50-thousand monster hordes on legacy hardware.

Such is c'est la vie Absolute dependence on Free Pascal (Chentrah cannot be compiled in Delphi or any other Pascal compiler)

Planned Stochastic OIT allows optimizing the rendering in ways that lets Chentrah leave Zandronum in the dust.

30 Dynamic Resolution Rendering allows for unprecedented range of system requirements, from running on Raspberry Pi 2 to rendering in 12K on modern GPUs thus achieving godlike anti-aliasing and reducing noise from the stochastic OIT

Planned Built-in animation / modeling tool optimized for boneless animation.

80% Survivability. Ability to instantly save the session should, in theory, help your progress in surviving all sorts of emergency shutdowns, including video driver or X server crashes.