Make Games Great Again

This is where I, the mighty Cheb, shall create a game to master them all. To return the spirit and glory of the 90's when the grass was greener (and I din't have the beer belly).

Originally, I was planning to create a killer of TES III: Morrowind but the competition cowardly fled into the mists of time. Bah. No matter. I will push forward!


Frozen til September, 2019 because I am swamped with work at work, just like every other summer.


Public test #20 from December 17, 2016 (download, 11Mb). Mouse capture, screenshots, lots of code refactoring under the hood. Press "2" to capture the mouse (does not work in the main menu). Press "F3" to make a screenshot.

Still haven't left the rotating cube stage, dammit.

Key features

(Each feature's completeness status is displayed as an icon)

GNU LGPL'd code (the game as a whole under full GPL, some assets GPL some LGPL).

The "recompiling on the fly" technology allows to replace most of the code without having to restart the engine and/or reload the resources. It's much faster and simpler than using the scripting languages. It's much more flexible than the "data-driven engine" approach. Heavily based on the built-in ODBMS I spend two years building just for this cause.

Full persistency. Ability to instantly save the session any moment, to continue from the same moment the next time Chentrah is launched. This allows to save the session even when user chooses to shutdown the operating system without closing Chentrah first. Nothing short SIGKILL could prevent the session saving.

Rapid game saving. Estimated time is 300 milliseconds on a machine that meets the minimum system requirements.

Absolute dependence on Free Pascal (Chentrah cannot be compiled in Delphi or any other Pascal compiler)

Cross-platform: supports Windows from XP to 10, Wine, Linux for x86, x86-64 and ARM.

Epic physics performance due to it being simplified and using cache-friendly tricks.

Persistent, destructible, hierarchically procedurally generated world with a natural-looking structure (screw Perlin noise!)

Hybrid voxel system consisting of both cheap Minecraft-style chunks (trismoxels) and arbitrary shaped objects (vehicles, tree trunks, buildings, etc. consist of tetroxels.

Support for floods, with areas of water flow stably having zero performance impact. Also, sea with waves.

Network physics potentially extendable into a MMO. A combination of authoritary lockstep-in-the-past and layered stack of partial world layers for lag compensation.

Support for epic scale destruction in multiplayer for a zero cost for the network bandwidth.

Built-in animation / modeling tool optimized for boneless animation.