I will succeed because I shall develop in series of incremental steps, building up complexity as I gain experience and fame!

Since each stage shall result in a complete, playable game, there is no such thing as failing to reach the goal.

I. Chebsday

Formally, a DooM source port, stone soup style, with 95% code written from scratch

Using dirty hacks to lift common source port limitations, with renderer fully optimized for modern GPUs (and by modern I mean GeForce 6xxx, Radeon 9500, Raspberry Pi and other mighty midgets of Direct 3d 9.0 / GL ES 2 fame) - GZDoom can support Vulkan all it likes, there are fundamental limitations that necessitate on-the-fly portal-like processing of map geometry that put a really big stick in the wheels of scaling.
This clever Cheb knows a way around, though.

Two goals: allow running Extermination Day on a toaster and allow playing Brutal DooM with humongous maps that have humongous number of monsters, on any fossil of an office PC from the mid-2000s.

Necessitates implementing ACS Script from scratch. I plan pre-processing it to Pascal and compiling it into native code (so any classes defined in ACS, DECORATE and so on become Chentrah classes).

Will be the true test of my multiplayer architecture because I plan nothing like a proper client-server architecture - so I have to uncouple the GUI stuff from physics and still keep my creation Zandronum-compatible. I'll elaborate more when it takes off.

II. Chebsday Mess

Combines Brutal Doom with a destructible voxel open world

Adds the editor, a prototype of the future base management interface.

Procedural generator is R&D for future AI base management.

Generates a full uninhabited world with water, floods, lava and so on.

Better AI for monsters

III. Chebsday Diavol

The above spun into a Diablo-II-like progression with action-RPG elements added.

A real test for the procedural generator.

Adds auto-generated story line, from Rogue Encampment on Mars, through ruined Loot Gala city on Earth, to bloody and fiery wastelands of Hell where you have to storm castles by bringing down walls using your trusty BFG.

Requires full world generation working in perfect harmony.

IV. Quake 2

Quake 2 Delphi ported to Chentrah

Just because I can. Also, leaving that project to rot is such waste (is not compatible with Free Pascal last I checked, can only be built using Turbo Delphi which no one uses today)

Maybe also applying a better AI, destructible voxel terrain (a crossover with Brutal Doom...? Hmmm...) and totally different multiplayer architecture of my own.


The necessary steps in-between.

Includes writing a novel to research my role-playing system from storytelling point of view.

(PROFIT!) Chentrah Conquest

The fully realized 4X game

Only uses custom assets (the amount of work required is enormous - should have a team of artists at this point or be dead from old age) with lots of custom animations. Full support for gore/mutilation. Full support for lots of clothing/armor. Full range of human NPCs.

Should already have my ultimate modeling tool to create the one supermodel to rule them all (where all genders/races/body shapes are just mutators). Non-skeletal physics-based animation.

Assets for enough animal types to make the world alive: from bears to sheep.

Generator upgraded to fully realized worlds populated by humans, with society in artificial medieval stasis. Government, trade, roads, warring barons and AIs to control it all.

Introduce subtrefuge and stealth.

Introduce non-magical crafting & skills.