I will succeed because I shall develop in series of incremental steps, building up complexity as I gain experience and fame!

Since each stage shall result in a complete, playable game, there is no such thing as failing to reach the goal.

I. Chentrah Arena

The playable minimum, a team-based first person shooter

An *exact* copy of OA gameplay, no building/destroying.

Only uses assets lifted from OA (GRISM) but should already allow for 5 elemental "races" and corresponding colors. All elemental gore / weapon replacement mods must be fully implemented.

Requires most basic world generation (a bare planet, possibly even without water), basic base generation (in this case, procedurally generating DM/CTF arenas) and only basic skin support (GRISM).

Must include fully working multiplayer with a simple master server.

II. Chentrah Mess

A slightly more advanced game fully utilizing the voxel nature

Still only uses OA assets.

Adds extended gameplay (CTF/TDM with destructible terrain and rapid building from prefabs. Also adds such modes as Demolition (destroy the other team's dungeon heart slash the only spawn point) and Multi-hill (defend randomly defined zones where your team's count increases every second when only your tean's players are inside the zone)

Requires full uninhabited world generation with water, floods, lava and so on.

Extended Q3 skin support with frankensteining and auto-detecting team colors in third party skins.

III. Chentrah Dungeons

A basic 4X game about tribes of daemon furries fighting for control over a planet.

Assets: uses basic OA skins + adds about 30 animalistic heads representing 9 races: rats, foxes, bunnies, crows, hawks, dinosaurs, bears, fishes, ants.

Requirement: find an artist to do the heads.

World generation extended to support interlinked civilization. In this case, hundreds of independent daemon furry villages, each only concerned about its immediate neighborhood (I mean hundreds, as suported world size should be about 60 thousand square kilometers).

No global trade supported, goods could only be mined/crafted locally. No roads are built (postpone road generation support for later). This is explained as tribes being competitive.

AI of base commanders (in this case, village leaders). The goal is to be extensible to other kinds of bases in the future.

Conqueror AI for the computer-controlled opponents.

The only method of food production is hunting, with simulated overhunting putting a cap on population thus forcing every AI commander to evolve by levelling up their minions ad infinitum, Dragonball-style.

Crafting is only done by magic. Only weapons, armor and traps could be crafted, thus reducing the necessary assets greatly.

Introduce the abilities/skills system fully working in its basic form. Charisma must matter for underling management.

Introduce the research aspect (spell tree only, like in Master of Magic).

Introduce capturing and controlling settlements, creating and levelling up settlements. Basically, each conqueror has to subjugate several clans to create a larger entity, like hidden villages in Naruto. The world would be a bit similar to that, except there are no civilians at all, only servitor golems for menial labor.

If time frame allows, introduce roads (only built by the conquerors).

If time frame allows, introduce vehicles. Ships, cars, steampunk burrowers.

IV. Chentrah Conquest

The fully realized 4X game

Only uses custom assets (the amount of work required is enormous - should have a team of artists at this point or be dead from old age) with lots of custom animations. Full support for gore/mutilation. Full support for lots of clothing/armor. Full range of human NPCs.

Should already have my ultimate modeling tool to create the one supermodel to rule them all (where all genders/races/body shapes are just mutators). Non-skeletal physics-based animation.

Assets for enough animal types to make the world alive: from bears to sheep.

Generator upgraded to fully realized worlds populated by humans, with society in artificial medieval stasis. Government, trade, roads, warring barons and AIs to control it all.

Introduce subtrefuge and stealth.

Introduce non-magical crafting & skills.